Fast-Response Disinfection Services

Have a trained, licensed and insured disinfection team on site as fast as possible and restore building wellness and tenant peace of mind.

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Go Beyond Cleaning & Disinfect

We are NOT a cleaning company. Cleaning will NOT remove pathogens.

We are a trained and certified group of professionals, specializing in delivering protocol-driven disinfection services, with over 30+ yrs. experience utilizing only Health Canada approved disinfecting products.

We are licenced and insured for the handling of specialized equipment and products that meet healthcare standards. All Viroguard methods exceed industry standards and adhere to criteria established by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Disinfecting Commercial Assets For 30+ Years

Protocol Driven

Specialized team of highly trained licensed and insured professionals.

Technical Innovation

Over 30 years research & development and trade secret procedures.

Mitigate COVID-19

Decades of site-specific experience disinfecting viral and bacteria-based pathogens.

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No Two Facilities Are The Same

A single procedure or product should never be relied on for pathogen control. Our service professionals will design a program which will be customized to your facilities.

No two facilities are the same, even when they look the same. Many factors such as employee sensitivity, exposed goods, electronics and wall/flooring substrates create unique environments and must be attacked accordingly.

About Us

Viroguard, along with its trusted partners have combined our knowledge, experience, and areas of expertise to develop the Viroguard System, a solution for all your facility disinfecting requirements, especially during this Covid-19 crisis time!

It takes a team to help a nation, but it takes disciplined, protocol-driven, well trained crews, like the ones we provide, to ensure Canada comes back safer and stronger than ever.

Our service delivery group is led by individuals that have many years of experience at Environmental Hygiene. These professionals have decades of site-specific experience in the area of disinfectant of many and varying viral and bacteria-based pathogens. We also understand the sensitive working conditions within these types of disinfecting service environments. We have helped many clients manage risk on a preventative, as well as, a reactive basis. This experience positions us to best understand the importance of thorough and appropriate disinfecting treatments during a crisis such as COVID-19.

Licensed & Certified Training

With nationwide service capabilities, Viroguard ensures every team is well trained and driven to follow our certified processes. Each member vows to uphold top level professionalism through focused training from senior team leaders with years of experience. That gives each client the assurance that when Viroguard comes to service there being handled with the highest standard of training. We are not cleaners, we are disinfecting specialists.

Fight COVID-19 With Us

We’re partnering and training the best of the best in Canada, to help defeat COVID-19. If you want to join our mission and explore licensing the Viroguard System, email us and let’s disinfect Canada together.

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Protocol-Driven Disinfection Services

Office Buildings

Shopping Centers

Food Processing Facilities


Basic Disinfection Programs

Hard Surface Disinfection of Common & Public Areas:

Every facility has innumerable surfaces that can become contaminated through touch or incidental airborne contamination from such things as coughing or sneezing. The most sensitive surfaces (doors, handles, counters, light switches, desks, etc.) are completely and thoroughly hand-wiped while secondary surfaces (walls, ceilings, flooring, windows, etc.) are fogged with an electrostatic disinfecting spray.

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Service Corridors and Other Non-Public Areas:

Although many clients feel that these are not critical areas, we strongly disagree. These are areas that receive a tremendous amount of outside traffic from suppliers, contractors and other delivery services. For these areas, we treat them with a fine fan spray application of disinfectant in high contact areas and then we fog the hard to reach contact surfaces.

General Office Areas:

Since there are a mixture of hard/soft surfaces, sensitive equipment, countless amounts of file folders, papers and personal items, these areas are treated with a two-pronged approach;

First Step: Desks, doors, handles, counters, light switches, computers, keyboards, appliances, and accessible hard surfaces are disinfected with a hand wiping where this can be completed with minimal disruption to personal items.

Second Step: Portable vaporization units are used throughout the space to apply (fog) disinfectants to all hard to treat secondary surfaces such as walls, ceilings, flooring, and windows.

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